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6 week-Full power facilitation program

Transformational coaching to align your body, mind and soul.

This is for  those that feel stuck in fixed or boring life circumstances. This is for the leaders of tomorrow that are here to be part of the new paradigm, the new Earth. By using this holistic approach you will go through a transformational process of clarity, confidence, alignment, inspiration and you’ll overcome those limiting beliefs that hold you back whilst all the time keeping your mind, body and soul strong and supported. 
I use a combination of astrology, human design, gene keys and typology to get an overview of who you are on a deeper level. 
By using these tools this will create an energetic blueprint to work with. 
I will create a strategy that is in perfect alignment with who you are and what you are looking to overcome and integrate. We will together integrate this into your being By setting Goals that are in alignment with and using a combination of powerful questioning to get to the root of your limiting beliefs and to overcome your fears, Nlp to reprogram, a herbal health plan to support you throughout your transformational journey which will be herbs based on your astrology chart. 
Mindfulness techniques, affirmations and recommended meditations specifically for you and what you are wanting to manifest in your life. 
This program is ideal for any or all of the following. 
You are looking for a transformational guide who can really see you for who you are and where your strengths lie to bring about greater changes in your life.
Your looking for clarity and confidence in where you are heading, checking in that your on the right path. 
If you are wanting to start a business that is in alignment with who you are and want to get clear on how you should operate and what kind of clients you should be looking to help. 
You have a business but you are wanting to move it in a different direction and want to move with ease, confidence and clarity. 
You are feeling burnt out and underwhelmed from working too much, slogging away and not feeling fulfilled in your life. 
You are wanting to understand yourself on a deeper level, Improve your health, well-being, relationships and material wealth.
This program is here to empower you to take action. So you can have a life of fulfillment. I can help facilitate these changes for you, but it’s up to you to make it happen. This program is designed only for people that are ready to step out of leading a mediocre lifestyle. You are wanting change not only for yourself but for the greater good of the planet too. 

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