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Hey There

My name is Karen Marie

 BSc Natural Therapeutics,  Certified Dharma life coach,  Certified Life path astrology reader TM,

Herbalist and living the Human Design Experiment

of an Emotional Manifesting Generator, 4/6, The cross of contagion.

Taurus Sun, Aquarius Moon, Libra Rising


Dharma Archetype - Teacher, Visionary, Entertainer.

AND an all out lover of life itself !

Empower yourself to be yourself


Here to guide you on becoming the best version of yourself.

Each and everyone of us has come here to experience a rich and fulfilling life. The days of grinding a 9-5, non fulfilling job is no longer sustainable, wandering aimlessly through life with no sense of purpose is creating a society of 'lost souls' that are suffering with a whole host of debilitating issues including mental health,  loneliness, being misunderstood, crime and many other issues that are facing us on a societal level. 

Wildlingways has been created to help transition into the new paradigm, the new age. It''s a space for 'realistic' holistic advice including how our mind, body and soul reflects our own inner peace and shows us how important it is to keep ourselves nourished and nurtured. Using herbs, human design, astrology, essential oils, tools and practices can support us to live a more present, empowered, rewarding and heartfelt life. 

We can learn to optimise our health and well being by living a conscious lifestyle and by allowing ourselves to truly embody what we have came here to achieve in this lifetime.

When we combine healthy habits, get to know ourselves on a deeper level  we can then become the best version of ourselves and 
will achieve the long-term results  that we so desire.

By living our Dharma, our true purpose which is living our highest self we can empower ourselves and others and the world for the better.

Let’s make ourselves happy and fulfilled. It starts right here right now.






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