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Heal & Prosper


Astrology life path readings - Nurture & Nourish your soul 

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Human Design - Foundational reading. 


Quintessentially you - a 3 month intensive coaching experience 

I hope these words do justice to how lovely and uplifting my reading with Karen has been! I’ve had my Natal chart interpreted many times by different types of Astrologers, all of which fascinating. Karen’s reading was quite unique and absolutely refreshing  !

Leesah Angel Matseel

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Roxanne Harrington

I absolutely LOVE Karen’s serums honestly my skin has never looked better. It has made my skin so smooth and moisturized without ever feeling greasy. My skin seems brighter, more even and glowing. The fragrance of the essential oils are great and I have experienced the emotional benefits after using. It comes in lovely package with all the information on each essential oil and benefits.

Amanda Wilson

The 'Grounding Earth Blend' face serum that I have been using has been incredible. As a rule I don’t use anything on my skin but had started suffering from very dry patches, after using your serum these have completely disappeared. I highly recommend these products. Thank you so much Wildling ways

Sam Boo

I chose the 'Sweet Harmony' which is a truly wonderful face serum that instantly leaves my skin soft and glowing. The natural oil scents are divine and energising. Love this product, great value for money and shall be back for more.