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10 ways to becoming 'Quintessentially you'

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

Does a routine make you jump for joy or does the thought of it make you sigh?! Yes it can be hard and if your anything like me, it can change quite regularly cos hey routine can become a little boring if you don't mix it up now and again. Here are the ones I do regularly though, they make me feel healthy, happy, motivated, focused, clear headed, aligned and most of all I really enjoy doing them and that is all I need to keep motivated.I tend to these things each morning - It’s like my power hour before I step out into the world. I always ask myself each morning what kind of day do I want? This is real important as it sets the scene and the intention for the day. So if the day does get a bit fucked up, as sometimes happens, then you can come back to what your intentions were for that day.


Now the benefits of meditation have been documented far and wide, from promoting well being, reducing stress and anxiety, improving our autoimmune response and helping with the healing of damaged tissue, however, It took me along time to get my head around meditation, about 20 years to be precised. Now I think how did I ever not have it in my life! Oh meditation how I love thee.

My own personal journey with meditation has been amazing for me. Going within makes you realise your reactions to what’s going on without. Let me explain. I used to drink pretty much every night, smoke weed every night, smoke roll ups during the day. Eat crappy food. Watch Netflix every night. All those things that keep you in a habitual process but not really a healthy one and to be honest it just gets a bit boring doing those things all of the time. I thought these things were making me happy. But really they were just filling in for something that that was missing which was contentment and gratitude.

With meditation and getting into in a big way, morning, night, even in the day when I get the chance. The boredom, the monkey mind I used to suffer with, blaming this, that, everyone else, well that has pretty much cleared up and when it does flare up, you can just re-center and re-align again by taking in a few deep breaths to get that yummy calm feeling going. I started off listening to meditations on you tube.

A great way to get you started with meditation is by using the insight timer app which you can download for free and this has paid and free guided and non guided meditations, soothing music, daily insights etc etc and I also highly recommend Deepak Chopra's 21 day meditation challenge and also Vishen Lakiani of mindvalley and his 6 phase meditation. If you really want to go deep and on a journey then I highly recommend Shamen Dureks Ancient Wisdoms podcast meditation Wednesday - this is definitely one for the bath!! (I've since got into high frequency DNA repair, shamanic journeys, astral travel, lucid dreaming to name a few, these are for another blog!).

Whatever form of mediation you go with, just getting in the habit of doing it daily for maximum benefit. 10 mins of meditation daily is better than 1 hour once a week. After a few days of doing this you really do start to feel Zen. I promise you it will rock your world.

As I am now addicted to essential oils I have now started using them in my meditation practice when you sign up with a home essentials kit you are given a petal diffuser which helps to purify and prepare the place where we intend to meditate.

I find the diffused oils sets the mood and enhances your awareness therefore raising your consciousness to a higher level and yet at the same time the oils are grounding and balance Chakra energy centers, opening up the higher ones.

Some of the essential oils that are beneficial include Frankincense - to deepen and slow the rate of respiration which helps bring about a calm and grounding energy. This oil also connects the base chakra to the crown chakra unifying body and mind. Juniper - which clears the way for a stronger connection to our inner selves, it helps to remove emotional and mental blocks to the truth we seek. It facilitates a powerful enlightening experience when used in meditation. Vetiver - is the oil of tranquility, it's grounding and balancing energy helps with self esteem, balance and wisdom and is very good for bringing energy to all the Chakras. Ylang ylang - clears the space for positive vibes, it is grounding, protective and clears away negative energies.


Ok, so I used to keep a diary when I was a wee lass, (and boy did it get me into trouble when my mum found it when I was 13!) I used to love writing about anything that come to mind, any problems and thoughts I was dealing with at the time. Well it turns out it’s just as effective when you are an adult. I started to read ‘The artists way’ a spiritual path to higher creativity by Julia Cameron and one of the exercises in that was to write the morning pages. 3 pages of absolutely anything you like. Fabulous-It really helped me to see patterns, habits, things that were bothering me. Writing things down really does give you the higher perspective if your having problems, or it releases all that pent up frustration & anger just by writing it out, or maybe you are wanting to set some goals -visualise where you want to be and write it down, or your wanting to work on your personal development. The choice is yours. My journaling has encompassed all those things and it has helped me no end and that is why I am sharing this with you today.


It’s very important to be grateful for all the things that you have now, Not just thinking it but really feeling it. Feeling it in your heart. Write the things your grateful for down in your journal, Just before you go to bed at night. If you have kids get them to do the same. Being grateful brings you much joy and happiness. It leads to a more full filling and richer life. How else would anything else show up in life that you want if you can’t be grateful for the things you have now?

Shrooom cocoa drink

Now this is a winning way to start your day! it’s the drink to make you think! I have stopped drinking coffee and have changed over to Cocoa, which gives me the buzz but not the drain afterwards. I add a teaspoon of Lions Mane mushroom powder, it’s great for the brain and it’s an adaptogenic meaning it has a non specific response on your body. It just adapts to what your body needs in that moment and voila it works like a treat. Adaptogens support your adrenal system. So although you need that cortisol to get you going in the morning. You don’t need to be in flight or fight mode all day long. Cocoa powder is high in nutrients that contribute to normal energy metabolism, muscle function, functioning of the nervous system, immune system and cognitive functions. WOW.What a combo. I also like to add coconut oil, Organic Butter and Koko Milk. The reason I add these extra's is I like to fast in the morning as it keeps me nice and trim!

Herbal Infusions

I take these on a daily basis and I rotate them. They keep me hydrated and they are chock full of vitamins and minerals. It’s no coincidence that I don't get ill that often and I truly believe it’s from my daily intake of these wonderful herbs. In the wise women way by herbalist Susan Weed she explains how easy it is to protect you and your families health by taking these infusions daily rather than the need of taking supplements. The difference between a tea and an infusion is this. Whilst a tea is just brewed for 5-15 minutes infusions are left to soak over night or for a minimum of 4 hrs and much more of the herb is used. I use Nettle, Oat straw, Comfrey,Linden Flowers and Red Clover.


Dance your arse off to your favourite tune each morning. I mean really go for it!! Just one song will really power you up, it’ll put a smile on your face, it will send your spirit soaring. Dancing gets those endorphins elevated and puts you in the best mood, Believe me your day is going to be good!

Get Outside

step outside please - Yes a little walk out in nature, a few deep breaths is really a wonderful thing to do. Just going for a walk really lights up my day, I feel completely energised. If you can, take those shoes and socks off and stand on the grass. It’s not scientifically proven but it really does feel grounding. Connecting to the earth in that way feels really peaceful and if your really feeling it go hug a tree, yeh you may get some looks but so what!? Why not give it a go and comment below how it makes you feel.

Coming off Social media

OK this maybe tough for some, including myself, but I have recently found myself coming off the social media platforms on the weekends (ok not every weekend!) and do you know what? it’s alright, it’s OK. no shaking, jitters, FOMO, nothing to see here at all. It’s a real good detox and I haven’t missed it one bit. Instead I’m out and about, motivated to do other stuff - trying to get my 10 year old has been tough but little by little there has been progress. The same goes for in the week at least a couple of hours before bed we’re on shutdown.

Keep good company

there is nothing quite like being surrounded by supportive and loving friends and family. You don't need many, you just need quality people in your life that are inspiring and take responsibility, that hold themselves and you accountable for your actions you take. If you don't have friends then get involved in meet up groups, volunteer in your spare time, join a class or some sort, spend time with a neighbor, anything that involves social contact. Loneliness is all to prevalent in our society and it is a real cause of concern and leads to depression, low self worth and low self esteem.

Fun times and laughter

Everybody needs to let their hair down, it is great for the soul in whatever form it takes. For example there's nothing I like more than sitting in my hot tub with my fella, drinking a glass of wine and smoking a joint. it's relaxing, it's fun, it's the weekend so why not. I believe in the 80/20 rule. In the week I'm 80% working on my business, my personal development, learning, reading and then at the weekend the other 20% I take time out to do the things that light me up. It can be anything from getting away for the weekend in our camper, going for bike rides, walking, partying, spending time with friends and family. Whatever floats your boat just take the time out to have some fun.

Laugh & dance like no one is watching
Sing like no one is listening
Love like you've never been hurt
Live like it's heaven on Earth

"When we take the time to love and connect with ourselves fully. We become Empowered. Fulfilled. We evolve into the best version of ourselves. It really is what we all truly deserve".

This is my goto in the morning when I wake up. Easy to make and fills me up till brunch time. TO make use cocoa powder, mushroom complex powder, coconut oil, coconut milk and I ad a little butter to make it nice and creamy... LUSH!
Shroooom cocoa drink
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