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5 Herbal infusions and the benefits of drinking them daily for optimal health.

Wonderful herbs and how they count towards your nourishment
Nourishing herbal infusions

I have been drinking herbal infusions now for about 4 years, thanks to Susan weed.

These nourishing infusions are drunk on daily basis. They keep me hydrated and they are chock full of vitamins and minerals. It’s no coincidence that I don't get ill that often and I truly believe it’s from my daily intake of these wonderful herbs. In the wise women way by herbalist Susan Weed she explains how easy it is to protect you and your families health by taking these infusions daily rather than the need of taking supplements.

As with any form of taking herbs I like to really be aware of how it feels when I am taking a herb, set the intention to truly nourish your body. Listen and note how it makes you feel, The more you use something the more connected to it you become, you allow it to become a part of you, your body and mind will be thankful for it as you create a synergy between you and the plant. It creates a relationship that is beneficial for you both.

The difference between a tea and an infusion is this. Whilst a tea is just brewed for 5-15 minutes infusions are left to soak over night or for a minimum of 4 hrs and much more of the herb is used. I use Nettle, Oat straw, Comfrey,Linden Flowers and Red Clover.

Directions - Simply weigh out 30g of the above mentioned herbs, 1 type of herb per infusion, pour 1 ltr of boiling water and then let steep for a minimum of 4hrs. I leave mine overnight so it's ready for the next day. Strain and then drink. I alternate each one.

Because of the mucilaginous properties within Linden and comfrey you are able to use the herb again. You simply refill with cold water this time and bring to the boil. leave for a minimum of 4 hrs. All the other herbs mentioned can only be used once. With the left over herb I always put back to the Earth.

and now for the benefits....

Nettle - Urtica dioca

I can nourish your energy, your being, your sense of self worth, and every cell in your body. Pay special attention to my green. My green is my love for you. - Susan Weed,

The amazing and not so humble nettle and with a sting in her tail truly is a wonderful herb. All parts of the plant can be used and it works on all body systems from digestion, right down to the urinary system. Drinking (and eating) this herb will supply you with many nutritious benefits including being rich in vitamins A, B, C and K. Minerals include calcium, magnesium, silicon, selenium, zinc, potassium and a high iron and protein content.

Used everyday if you wish, this herb is a great nourisher, it works marvelously on the adrenal glands and increases the energy in all bodily systems. It helps those wanting to stabilize their blood sugar, reset metabolic circuits, reduce fatigue and exhaustion, restore the adrenals, lessen allergic and menopausal symptoms, eliminate chronic headaches and help with rheumatic complaints... I like to drink this infusion ice cold, it really is so full of goodness and as your drinking it you can tell it is doing wonders to you body.

Oat straw (wild oats) - Avena sativa

I am life. Learn how to nourish yourself with me and you will find yourself steady, vital, sensitive, strong, at one with the mother of all. Our earth. - Susan Weed.

And relax... I love the creamy sweet taste of this infusion, you can feel your body instantly relaxing as the drink goes down. The oats work on the nervous system amongst other things but most notably it supports the body during times of stress, relieving depression, anxiety, tension and nervous exhaustion.

Oats are highly nutritious, full of protein, calcium, magnesium, silica, iron and vitamins, which are strengthening to the bones and teeth and vital to the nervous system. Energy giving and body building. The emotional and subtle bodies benefit amazingly from regular use and if you libido is somewhat dwindling Avena has the ability to improve your sexual appetite. It's not like she is an aphrodisiac it's more to with nourishing the nerves , so you receive more pleasure from touching and of course giving you the stamina that you need. .. oooh errr misses!

Other things to note are stabilisation of blood sugars, restoring bone and muscle mass, strengthening blood capillaries, lowering cholesterol and soothing internal pain. What a fantastic herb she is and definitely one you want in your life.

Comfrey - Symphytum off (use leaves)

Where comfrey grows, there lives a woman, wise in the way of plants - Opening our wild hearts.

Comfrey is highly valued for it's ability to promote the repair of wounds, ulcers, ligaments, tendons, the skin, broken bones and it also strengthens and heals the mucus surfaces of the intestines, lungs, sinuses throat, vagina and anus. It has a soothing effect on every organ it touches and it nourishes the brain. The infusion is high in protein, mucilage, allantoin and a whole host of vitamins and minerals including inulin & rosmarinac acid that are needed for good health.

Due to the mucilaginous properties of comfrey drinking this will strengthen your bones, and add flexibility to the joints as well as keeping your lungs and respiratory tract healthy. It is also marvelous at keeping your skin looking radiant and glowing. Just wonderful!

Linden/line flower - Tilia europaea

“I smell fairies at my feet, I’m sitting under a linden tree; Bees abuzz and birds atweet, linden blossoms sure smell sweet. Linden, linden heal my heart, You can bring me a brand new start.” - Susan Weed

Linden is wonderful herbal ally that contains flavanoids, mucilage and phenol's which act as anti- inflammatory's, anti-viral and anti -oxidants. It helps to reduce anxiety and fevers therefore making it very useful in the treatment and prevention of colds and flu as well as relieving tension and restlessness and agitation. It has an overall calming effect for the body and the mind and soothes and relaxes the gut and respiratory tract. It is known for its sedative effects which are great when you just want to wind down and relax. Linden tastes delicious mixed with a little honey.

Red clover - Trifolium pratense

“It should never be your goal to be normal. It should be your goal to be whole.” ― Florence Osmund, Red Clover

This is the anti cancer of the infusions, it is also known as a cleansing and immune enhancing remedy, and for women's health problems. High in minerals including calcium, iron, magnesium, sodium, potassium, copper and zinc, this herb has known anti-tumour, oestrogenic, anti-spasmodic and anti-stress hormones effects.

It is the fertility herb and is of use in menopausal symptoms from helping to reduce night sweats, hot flushes and insomnia. The high calcium content is useful for maintaining bone health and prevention of osteoporosis and is an excellent lymphatic drainage.

And there we have it. If you want to start involving herbs in your life, this is a great place to start by drinking them everyday. I promise you you'll notice the difference.

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For further information on the above benefits for these herbs. Check out Susan weeds wise women herbal - healing wise, Herbal for the childbearing years and The menopausal years.

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