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6 of the best self-knowledge tools to help navigate your life

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

1. Find out your personality type

Aha it all makes sense now. That was my first thought when I found out my personality type through I'm and ENFP. I am forward thinking. I'm forever learning, chasing the next best thing and always on the lookout for finding something new, I'm all about movement and change, people, exploring new places, enthusiasm and having fun. Other sites to mention are and the latter does a deep dive into the individual types (there are 16 in total) in their podcast. Now you may get a different result depending on what site you use. It is worth mentioning that when you do these tests that you don't answer the questions on what you would like to be, you have to be totally honest with yourself here and so I would use your discernment on choosing the right type and taking a look at what the descriptions say. Those letters I mention ENFP well they are broken down like this - Personality type is based on Carl G Jung's theory of psychological types and people can be characterized by their preference of general attitude:- Extroverted (E) one gets their energy from the external world vs Introverted (I) which is energy drawn from their own internal world. Sensing (S) is the more here and now kind of person, They mainly believe in facts and figures from the external world, what you see is what you get vs Intuition (N) which is more linked to possibilities, abstract thinking, patterns and future orientated. information that is gathered from the internal or imaginative world.Then there is the preference of one of the two functions of judgingThinking (T) is based on logic reasoning vs Feeling (F) which is based on emotion, what a person feels they should do.and then lastly we have Judging (J) is more likely a person to stick to plans and be much more organised and structured vs Perceiving (P) which is more open, flexible and usually late! And this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes down to psychological personality profiles. As It then breaks down even further with the cognitive functions for each type. Once you get to grips with these functions you learn how each function is at the forefront of how your mental processes work. For example, first and foremost I lead by Ne - extraverted intuition meaning I focus on the objective, external world to find relationships and patterns between people, events and things. To further clarify your type I highly recommend listening to the podcast. I have added his type grid as this really does give you clarity (once you've listened to the podcast) on what type you are as no test is full proof. You have to take the time out to learn all the nitty gritty details. I would highly recommend which has just launched and has a user friendly test to see your type. Further sites to test what type you are is and

Once you get to know yourself like this, you also get to know how others act like they do...genius!! it makes life so much easier when you understand yourself on a deeper level. This is your nature people-how you have been nurtured in life is a whole new blog post.I hope that you find out what your personality type is. It's the key to transformation. It's self awareness. Knowledge is power after all and it's one step further to living in your "full Power".

2. Find out your soul purpose through numerology

Now we are going to go a bit more esoteric. I love this kind of stuff. Woo Woo? maybe so but the way I see it is, anything that gives me a greater understanding of who I am, makes me more self aware and gives me the tools to find where my strengths lie to better my life... well ... count me in. Numerology is an ancient, numbers based system. Each number holds an energetic vibration and considering the whole universe is based on numbers I think it holds some clout! Letters in your name and the combination of numbers from your birth date hold the key to your life path, personality, talents, romantic compatibility, traits and more. The one I have found the most intriguing is the life path number, its considered the most important in your chart as its the road you are travelling, it tells you how to attain fulfillment and happiness, challenges and opportunities. It is calculated by adding all the numbers up of your year of birth. for example mine is 1+8+0+5+1+9+7+6 = 3+7 = life path 1. This means I was born leader and as I was born on an 18 number therefore I want to improve the conditions of peoples lives around me nothing gives me better satisfaction than performing some task that will be of benefit for others - well go figure!The Life path number is just one of the aspects of your chart, you also have your expression/destiny number which reveals your physical and mental constitution, your goal in life. It reveals your talents, abilities and shortcomings. Your hearts desire is the inner you, your underlying urge your true motivation. It reveals the general intention behind many of your actions. You also have personality and karmic numbers. I recommend a deep dive using This website really goes into much detail all for free and he also gives chart readings which I thoroughly recommend doing. is another great site.

3. Draw up your natal chart

Ooooh I do love astrology - not the horoscope you read in the paper but the readings you get from having your natal chart done. For the most accurate look you must have your birth time and if you're from the UK for some reason they didn't think it mattered at what time you were born back in the 70's. Through a bit of trial and error and getting a rough time of when I was born from my mum (Who i'm sure that was the last thing she was thinking of when she gave birth to me) I've manged to get to near enough the right time. I am a Taurus Sun, Aquarius moon, Scorpio rising - what does this mean? in a nutshell and in my words. I am a grounded, earthy, deep thinker, investigator, spiritual individual with a humanitarian outlook who wants to make the world a better place by understanding ourselves and others better.

Your sun sign is your outward being, your ego, your personality, how you shine in the world. Your moon sign is your emotions, your feelings, you only show this with people that are close to you and your rising sign is how you appear to other people and is the core to how you show up, 'first impressions' how the world sees you, the mask we wear in public.

All magically interwoven into your chart are the other planets which are the archetypes of your nature and the energy they give from Mercury (planet of communication) to Mars (the sign of action). Your mid heaven line indicates your career, status and aspirations in life and the houses then predict what parts of your life you need to focus on.

Most intriguing is the South/karmic Node + North/True node of your chart - this is what you've bought into this world already, what your comfortable with, your gifts that come naturally to you and North Node is what you are not so comfortable with, your challenges but are here to learn and how to ultimately live out your destiny. Mine is NN in the 1st house in Scorpio. The SN is always the opposite house and opposite sign mine would be Taurus.

I am now pleased to offer life path readings myself, for further details please click HERE. However, To examine your chart for free I recommend the following sites and the latter also has a facebook group. ( I will be opening my own soon, please add your email for further updates. I also follow on Instagram @Iamdaniellepaige

4. Get your human design chart.

I'm just learning this one. In fact until a few months ago I had never even heard of human design (HD), so I don't know to much about it but I am intrigued (what a surprise!) It works by knowing your time and location of birth. This system is based on not only astrology but also Iching, chakras, tree of life, genetics and quantum physics. It teaches us to love ourselves and learn how we can live our life authentically, fulfill our destiny of why we are here, improve our self worth and self esteem. It offers deep insights into your psychology, along with strategies to help you make appropriate decisions to help deal with your life. It really is fascinating, informative and helps you understand yourself and others. Therefore it acts as a guide when you want things to become clearer for you. Who doesn't need that in their life eh!To get started you find out what is known as your Aura type. There are 5 types, generator, Manifestor Generator, Manifestor, Projector and Reflector. The list goes in order


These make up just 9% of the population. They are the initiators, creators and are here to go out in the world and just do it! However, before they act they have to inform others what they are about to do, It's not like that are asking for permission, but rather it will make the Manifestor more successful when informing the other the other who will be affected by their decision. They are to here to find peace and avoid anger and understand their impact on others. If they are not living their strategy 'inform before action' they will find themselves angry. This informing works both ways and the manifestor also needs to be informed. Generator

These are the biggest group and make up to about 70% of the population. A an energy type, they have an innate energy where things are drawn to them. It has to do with the sacral motor which is unique to these 2 types, its our life force, our gut instincts. It's designed to respond to work and sexual opportunities. Generators have the energy to work hard, but aren't as quick as an MG. Think of it like the Generators are the marathon runners whereas MG's are the sprinter. Both need to respond to things that present themselves, rather than initiating and activity. They are not designed to go chase things but rather their strategy is 'wait to respond' if not they will find themselves very 'frustrated' Manifestor Generator

These define how you move through life and how you were designed to interact with all things. They make up about 33-55% of the population. For example I am a MG (manifestor generator) meaning my energy moves through me at lightning speed. We can multitask family and work and accomplish many things very quickly. The MG's strategy is to 'wait and respond', then 'inform' as we are a hybrid of manifestors and generators need to learn patience and wait to respond. Projectors

We then have projectors they are about 20% of the population. Their strategy is to wait to be recognised and to be invited. They are here to learn about and understand the other. They are gifted leaders, teachers and guides but have to wait to be invited to really show off their talents, as they are then invited by the right crowd who will appreciate these natural skills. If they aren't invited it is likely that they will show these gifts to the wrong people, the people that wont value these abilities and this will bring out their 'not self theme' which is 'bitterness'.


Are the rarest of the types they make up just 1% of the population they have to wait a full lunar cycle before making decisions to find clarity. They are learning to reflect rather than identify. They show us what is wrong in the world, as they are reflection of how society is. Their strategy is to wait 28 days as they have a strong connection to the moon. 'Disappointment' is their not self theme. If reflectors are unhappy about situations they have to wait out their full cycle to see if this is a good decision.

This is just a very brief description of the types, For a much much more in depth look at what is Human Design here are resources that go into much greater detail. This is the main man when it comes to HD - Ra Ura Hu he had a mystical experience back the day and received a transmission of information known as Human design after meditating for 8 nights. This goes into the whole history and what it all means, you are also able to get your own free chart by clicking here on his website Another good resource is where you can also find your Human Design and it will breakdown into what 'type' you are and also breakdown the meaning of the other designs in your chart. Karen Curry has a book understanding human design and you can follow her on IG. Jenna Zoe is also a fab resource and you can follow her on IG with the following handle @jennazoe. You can also join her facebook group - I have also started following these on IG Wynds.of.change and Tan astrology/humandesign/genekeys and Danille Eyman the wealth coach see you there!

UPDATE - For another deep dive have you heard about the 'Gene keys' by Richard Rudd?

It's a system of its own but is closely related to Human design and the gates which refer to the hexagrams of the IChing. Knowing these activates our DNA and gains us a whole new level of awareness.

There are a few resources on youtube

5. Connect with your higher self through meditation and/or journal

There are plenty of meditation techniques out there, (you tube is a great place to start) and you don't have to stick to the same one each time. To start with I suggest a guided meditation as the voice will give you something to focus on. It can take a little while to get comfortable, you'll probably get an itch or some body sensation that deters you, or some thought process that sends you on a tangent but don't worry this is perfectly natural, The point is to let that go and then refocus on the task at hand. If you practice everyday you'll soon become still and this is when the magic happens ✨ The more you practice the more you become aware of your own personal power, the more you begin to trust in yourself and the universe and the more you feel connected to a higher power. If you don't want to meditate (although I highly recommend it), you can journal instead or both of course! This means mindfully writing down what you want to achieve, what you want in your life, looking at patterns and connections within the thought process, seeing where your limitations and blocks may lie. The great thing about writing is once you start you'll be surprised at what comes out, what's been locked away. It's a release in itself and therefore it is very healing. To get started I highly recommend 'The insight timer app' I have a group over there that you can follow me on where I share the mediations that have helped me grow and expand as a person. Check it out HERE

This is free to download and has 1000's of free meditations, mindfulness techniques and talks. Ohmmmmmmm :-). A great book to read and to get you started on journaling as I find writing is a great tool to better self awareness is 'The Artists way' by Julia Cameron.

6. Have a dharma by design activation session - with yours truly :-)

Ok so what does this involve do you ask?

After years of being on the learning train of life path astrology, human design and now Dharma coaching I have found a way of combining all 3 to activate all these areas in your life so you can set yourself on the path to being what is truly your way of being - connecting the mind, body and soul so you can lead an holistic life, one that is in alignment with who you truly are and meant to be in this life time.

If you are ready to explore and take a deep dive into what truly lights you up and tap into the innate powers within you. You're ready to find your soul's purpose, your mission statement. You're ready to find out the kind of creator you are to fulfil your purpose and finally have the step by step process to truly understand your soul purpose.

An activation session typically involves answering the following questions

  • Do you want to know where to focus your energy?

  • Do you want a direct goal to focus your energy on, one in which gets the momentum going - (this is actually one of the biggest blocks to living your dharma)

  • Do you want tangible actionable steps so that you can move forward with clarity, rather than feeling like your standing still or going round in circles

  • Do you want help putting the pieces of the puzzle together and be guided out of the maze of confusion?

  • Do you want to reveal your soul's highest purpose?

  • Do you want to work in total alignment with who you are without feeling burnout, frustrated, bitter or disappointed?

  • Do you want to know how to integrate your Dharma blueprint so it manifests in your life and gives you a clear roadmap to where you are heading?

  • Do you want to learn how once knowing your Dharma who it is you’re meant to serve and how you can show up for your ideal client.

This is am introductory session before the more in depth coaching that I also offer for more details of the both head over to my offerings page HERE

I hope you've enjoyed the blog on how do get to know yourself on a deeper level, I'm always interested to hear what your thoughts are and if you've taken any action on these steps. Don't be a stranger get in touch :-)

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