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6 wayzzzz to sleep better

Sleep and what to do about getting better at it.

You know that feeling your trying to get asleep at night and your mind just goes on and on you going over the day, what worries you’ve got, what you should be doing bla bla bla the list just goes on and on - when all you want to do is just go to F***ING sleep - If you have problems sleeping whether it’s quality or quantity not having the right stuff of it, is going to make you miserable, moody, unhealthy and stressed!. YOU are going to be a right pain in the arse to live with and we don’t want that for anyone do we...hmmmm? Does this all Sound SO familiar …. Then read on my friends...

Lets face it life is busy busy, whether your working in the ‘System’ or you're the stay at home type but when on your phone checking in checking out with all the stuff you want to see, do and learn. Your mind is totally on the go being stimulated to the max!. So when it comes to getting some shut eye you're no doubt lying in bed taking one last look of your beloved phone (some people actually sleep with their phone in their bed WTF!! that is some serious intimacy issues right there!) before it conveniently powers off BUT unlike you, there is no immediate off switch. Here lays the problem and here is the solution TURN OFF YOUR PHONE. YES JUST TURN THE DAMN THING OFF! That little device with it’s evil blue light that totally wants to fuck with your melatonin (The drug secreted in our hypothalamus)production. TURN IT OFF at least a couple of hours before for the most adequate sleep.

Far more uninteresting (GOT being an exception to the rule) is sitting in front of the TV watching some ‘shit show’ into the late at night. Your brain will be worn out with under stimulation and you may find you are unable to sleep later, as you’ll be restless.... whilst on the subject of TV don't have one in your bedroom. Your bedroom is for S&S yes Sleep and Sex IT IS NOT FOR WATCHING TV IN! But I hear some of you whining ‘but I can’t sleep without the TV on’ Utter BS, it’s just a habit is all (it takes 21 days to create a habit, including undoing one) it probably stems from the days when you were a teenager living at home and TV in the bedroom was a great escapism from the crap your parents watched on TV or for just being in a room with them. But now you are an adult so either get rid, put it in another room or turn the thing off. It WILL affect your sleep quality.

Next up make sure you get enough daylight, natural light hours, that means getting your butt outside and going for a walk in NATURE. We have this internal 24hr clock called the circadian rhythm it cycles between sleepiness and alertness, it initiates and maintains sleep. So the amount of natural light you get during the day will affect the quality of sleep you have that evening. GET ACTIVE. I'm not saying go to 'powerful' before bed though as you'll be buzzing not zzzzzing!

Do you know that not having enough sleep could also be making you fat! It has something to do with the hormone leptin (the fat burner). So inadequate sleep will reduce the amount of leptin that is produced. That leads me on further to what you are putting in your body food wise. PROCESSED FOOD IS NOT GOOD FOR YOU FULL STOP. Instead wholesome mainly plant based food is your friend here. Alcohol just before bed is not a good idea either, initially you may pass out but it's very likely you'll be awake a short time after as yes it is a stimulant. Even that glass of red wine. So nothing at least 2 hours before bed and that's just if you've had the one.

To make sure you are getting the best night sleep that your body deserves these are some of the ways that help get those well needed zzzzzzz’s

Z.1. Is your bedroom a sleep sanctuary? Make sure the room is dark and quiet. That means not having the TV on at night and removing or turning anything off that is electronic, so your phone and tablet. You can easily buy a cheap alarm clock that doesn’t put out any annoying light, just the annoying sound that wakes you up in the morning! You will find that if you go to start waking up at the same time each morning. Your body will naturally adjust to those hours so you can skip the annoying alarm for good. Of course if you get a late night just remember that it may not be so easy to wake up in the morning. You could also use your essential oils by diluting them with a diffuser or by creating a spray to spritz onto your pillow.

Z.2.A beautiful relaxing bath - the type that totally zones you out, the one that chills that nervous system right out- i'm talking candles, low music, essential oils ones like lavender/ chamomile/ Jasmine, Epsom/dead sea salts. If you click on this link here it will direct you to mydoTERRA webpage where you can purchase the oils on a one time basis or sign up to become a wholesale customer and receive discounts of up to 55%.

Z.3.Herbal Tea - Another way to get into a relaxed state of mind is to drink herbal tea, the most well known is chamomile. Don’t drink to much though as you’ll be getting up to use the toilet, which will kinda defeats the object of what you are trying to achieve! Popping some lavender oils on your wrists seems to do the trick as well. As a herbalist I can prescribe tinctures and teas of the highest quality to help with anxiety, nerves, exhaustion and sleep why not give it a try and contact me today, Herbs are a fantastic natural aid and can really help with nudging your body in the right direction. With a little help from you and I to address the issues what are the cause in the first place.

Z.4. Meditation - You just try and stay awake when your lying down listening to some soothing melody or beautiful soulful voice - not a chance! I have found what has really helped is listening to binaural beats on YouTube - Just do a search on their engine and you will get a host of videos come up. These beats work on difference frequency's that mimic the brain waves states that you get into when you sleep and you meditate. I tried the healing frequencies as when my mind gets in complain mode about others, which it tends to do, this almost like resets my mind and gives me a much more positive outlook... try it out and let me know how you get on. I would love to hear peoples feedback from these.

Z.5. Read - yes you know those books that have you fall asleep like 3 pages in... get reading. There is also audible, this is one of my favourite apps. They give you a free trial and then you can sign up on a monthly basis for £7.99 for one book. Audible is fantastic to listen to in the day. You know, when you are supposed to be getting out in nature for a walk (to help you sleep at night). I

Z.6. Sex - yes that will help you sleep - hopefully not during ;-) lets those endorphins run wild and then after you will be calm and relaxed, you will really feel a sense of well being in doing it, you will feel blissed out, connected to you partner, you will feel dreamy, loving and sleepy as you fall asleep in your partners arms awwwwww 💖 I hope you have found this article useful - is there any other tips you would add to this? please comment below

One tired boy after his first all nighter


If you want to start tracking your sleep for free the ‘Sleepscore’ app will analyse your sleep each night and help you understand easily what kind of sleep you are having.

Check on my link for Doterra essential oils to help you relax.

Another good resource is Michael Brus - The sleep Doctor who has many resources on ‘Everything to do with sleep and its effects’ on his news to help you snooze.

This dude - Shawn Stevenson, you can listen to him here on the mindvalley podcast and he has a book out which is a very entertaining read with valuable tools it's called Sleep Smarter: 21 Essential strategies to sleep your way to a better body.

If you really must look at your phone/laptop/pc before sleeping there are these Blue light glasses you can buy from BluBlox and this is a free download from f.lux that reduces the blue light from your devices. It's not ideal though. There is nowt better than the natural way.

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