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Doterra Essential Oils - using them to change your life and that of others...

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Foreward All oils can be purchased from my online shop and if you would like to sign up as a wholesale customer or a wellness advocate please feel free to ask me any questions and you can join up for a free masterclass for an intro to essential oils from this link here . The actual product website is here. The oils I am talking about in my blog are also linked to my product website so if you wanted to go ahead and order as a retail customer please do. However, my mission here is to show you how to the use the oils on a regular basis, it's not just oils, its an all manner of well being products that encompasses household, kids, skin, beauty, lifestyle, diet.. you name it doTERRA have got it. I'm going to show you just how much these gifts from mother nature can really help us to improve our lives. As a herbalist I didn't use the herbs in such condensed form instead I use tinctures and teas but what I have realised is, why cant I incorporate both? as the oils are more convenient than carrying around tinctures and loose herbs which is perfect for me as I'm not always at home so carrying around the smaller condensed version is much more convenient and who doesn't want that?

So, who, what and why doTERRA?

With over 120 essential oils on offer and a whole host of other wellness products doTERRA is the number one sourcer of high grade therapeutic oils and they don't just source any old hoo they pick the herbs and plants from the most diverse places on the planet. Ethically. The oils are thoroughly tested and researched by in-house scientists for their quality and therapeutic benefits, so you can be assured they have not been adulterated like other essential oils that are available on the market. Some may say these oils are expensive. But I have to disagree. The amount of time, effort, testing, sourcing that goes into getting these quality oils are reflected in the price and if you carry on reading you will see the benefits of choosing doTERRA over anything else.

The other evening I attended a doTERRA convention as to be honest I've only just started and was so excited about the oils, I didn't really take a deep dive into what the company was all about. I had my reservations about MLM (network marketing) and just how effective the oils may be.Well let me start by saying my fears were totally unfounded. The day consisted of the companies top performers (president diamonds) and one of the 7 founders of doTERRA, Emily Wright, talking about the company as a whole, it's history, its projects that help members of the poorest of communities and of course how effective the oils are.

What really touched me are the the projects that doTERRA makes for people less fortunate than us and the impact they are making on these families by bringing these beautiful oils to us. These projects are the ones that really make me feel the connectedness that we all have to one another, what impacts us, impacts another.

Co-impact sourcing allows farmers from some of the most poorest countries the opportunity to grow for doTERRA. This in turn creates a positive impact for the farmers, distillers and harvesters alike and of course for us also that use the oils, so not only are you helping you and your families health but you are also helping these communities to better themselves to show them they have a purpose rather than struggling day to day just to feed their families. Everyone needs a purpose to feel fulfilled with their life and none of us deserve to struggle when we are putting our heart and soul into our purpose. The plants and trees that are being grown for the use of essential oils are the of the highest therapeutic grade due to not only the perfect climate but the tender loving care that goes into producing the best quality plants that nature intended. Further information on co-impacting sourcing can be found here

The Healing Hands foundation is about bringing hope, healing and transformation to global communities by bringing them the tools they need to become self reliant. This empowers people and changes lives for the better. doTERRA works with humanitarian agencies and us wellness advocates to create an even bigger impact around the world. By joining together there have been numerous projects from setting up schools, clean water supplies, rebuilding projects, education advancement and healthcare to name a few. These are things that a really close to my heart. I think every human being deserves a life they can be proud of. If everyone does there part no matter how small, it is a step in the right direction. Our whole planet really does need healing. We are not separate and we really are no different no matter where we come from. I totally believe that we can empower each other to become the best versions of ourselves. We are so fortunate to some, I'm not saying we don't struggle, but it's a different kind of struggle, most of us have a roof over our heads and know where our next meal is coming from, we don't live below the poverty line. If your reading this and you have an interest in you and your families health and well being then these oils can really help you. They are not only making an impact in your life but also to a family that you have more in common with than you may think. We are all connected. Now doesn't that feel good knowing that?.

Top 10 essential oils and their uses - video Please watch my video to get a run down on the home essentials kits and what the oils can be used for - * warning a few F words have been chucked in for good measure.

Bath time My oils arrived today and wow they are so beautiful, as a herbalist and a keen plant power advocate I love using oils and herbs in my daily life. Tonight I had my first experience with Lavender oil (lavandula angustifolio)- This beautiful oil which is distilled from the flowering tops of the plant is from Bulgaria. The therapeutic properties of this beautiful herb are well founded, for me I use it to relax and to help me sleep at night. Read my article on how to sleep better for further tips! I put 4 drops of this oil into my Himalayan salt bath, the aroma was so beautiful, but the colour of the bath was a hazy lavender colour!! I thought wow but realised it was from my hair colour I used the other day.... oops ;-)Nevertheless, I sank into the bath and the steamy aroma enveloped my body, whoaaaaa.... relax time and no wonder I was relaxed as lavender works on central nervous system (CNS) targets known to regulate cognition and mood.Lush is all I can say. Topped off with a breath-work meditation I am feeling tip top!!Lavender is a winner to help you relax, the smell alone has an instant tranquility effect on your body and soul.

Drink me

As part of my self love, self care, daily routine I've been adding a drop of Lemon essential oil to my not so nice tap water! Each bottle contains the equivalent to 45 lemons. I find this easier to use rather than having a fridge fall of lemons. lemon is a powerful detoxifier and tonifier just by adding a drop a day to some fresh mint and ginger in hot water really kick starts your digestive system and aids your liver by giving it a friendly kick to get things moving around your system. With the added benefits of ginger, a well known anti inflammatory and digestive pleaser and fresh peppermint also known for it's digestive properties this really is a great way to start the day.

3 oil Cooling sun spray recipe

Oh how I love the sunshine but sometimes I over do it and end up with the dreaded sunburn. What better way to soothe your skin though than using an after sun soothing spray. The video below explains how it’s made using 3 essential oils out of my doTERRA essential home kit. Recipe for a 100ml spray bottle 4tbl of witch hazel 15 drops of lavender and frankincense 8 drops of peppermint topped up with fractioned coconut oil ... perfect for cooling the skin and keeping it nice and soft !For further information on how the oils can help you why not come along to a free into to oils masterclass? Just click here to choose a suitable time


?Is this a pyramid scheme?

100% no! Pyramid schemes are illegal. doTERRA is the network marketing model in order to educate people person to person. This means the company doesn't spend money on TV, magazine, retail advertising and instead invests that into educating their people!

?What if I just want one or two oils to start?

You can do that if you like. Just add the £28 1x account fee to your order and then type in the oils you want at wholesale. Note - this fee is waived with any starter kit. I highly encourage starting with a kit so you can immerse yourself in the 'oily' lifestyle, save the most £ and get all the benefits of these oils .

?Will I have to purchase monthly?

No you don't! when you want to purchase again you will have access to your own doTERRA store (similar to Amazon) and can purchase at wholesale price. If you want to sign up for our monthly ordering program (called LRP, loyalty rewards program), you can purchase monthly to save the most money, earn free product +shipping each month but it is completely optional.

?Do I have to do the business sign up?

Nope! Did you know that 90% of those who have doTERRA accounts are simply using the oils only?When you get a wholesale customer account, you are signing up for your own oil account to use, love and learn about the oils only.

? How will I know how to use the oils?

With your kit purchase you become an official member of the doTERRA family - our global essential oil community. You will have access to our teams private Facebook groups which are a wonderful team of all sorts of people that are using the oils, these include builders, sharers, aromatherapists, health professionals and other users of the oils. There is access to all the resources on the doTERRA website on how to grow your business, how to use the oils, online classes, tutorials... you name it, there is something on there to help you. As well as any help from myself to help build your team and at the very least point you in the right direction. I am here to help build a global wellness community for people to learn, heal, grow and consciously design the life of their dreams. Why not make a start today and live your life to fullest, the one that you truly deserve.

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