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Finding your Dharma, Uranus and Taurus.

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

I wrote this forward back at the start of 2020, when Covid was just starting to become, dare I say it, fashionable! Seeing as it's acted as a catalyst for the times we find ourselves in I thought best to keep it in this blog post ... enjoy the read!

2020 - Funny old times isn't it? on one hand some of us are scared out of minds and rightly so as this virus doesn't discriminate, anyone is fair game, you may get really ill or show no symptoms at all, and for some of us we may die... The other side of the coin is there are other diseases, other situations, and to put it bluntly people always die, lets face it our time here is temporary.

We are also being fed a narrative by media, politicians, experts, scientists and the likes most people tend to believe these but then on the other hand we have conspiracists who will tell us its the powers that be that are driving this situation, anything from population control to dark forces that want to control us human beings and create a totalitarian state. With so much information out there, fake and otherwise it's hard to know what to believe anymore and really this blog is about where I sit with it all, I like to keep my options open, use my discernment and if the narrative or conspiracy's are right then at least my mind is prepared for all eventualities. At the end of the day, we are all in this together and we are all in this land of unknown.... so what is the next step for us?...

We have gotten so out of touch of what it is to be human, for so long now there has been this divide, lack of unity, lack of family, lack of tribe, this belief that we are separate from the planet, that we are separate from each other, what's mine is mine, as long as "'I'M alright Jack then sod the rest of you" attitude. So many of us have lost our way and now the world is going through a necessary upheaval where we are witnessing a change in our consciousness, a time of nurturing ourselves and others this is a chance to make a collective change and start embracing the new ways of being.

Our separateness has accounted for one thing and that is it has bought about a uniqueness for each and everyone of us and that's a great thing, That unique individuality can now be shared with the masses to help our planet and all those on it ascend to the next level.

Before I fast forward to 2022 - Let me digress - I have felt this new surge, this new consciousness ever since I was 18 years old at that time there was no access to internet. I relied on what I read, I went to new age festivals, I travelled to countries like India, South East Asia and met like minded people along the way. I'm not saying this is for everyone but Psychedelics, Cannabis & MDMA also played a big role in this new consciousness for me. The old system's, the conditioning from my upbringing, schooling etc was torn apart and I was BIG TIME intrigued!

Back to the reality that is 2022 and here we are, it took a major traumatic experience to REAWAKEN ME, I've found in my research that many people go through something truly magnificent & profound or their world is ripped apart & trauma rears it's head, whatever happens it puts us on this path of questioning what we truly believe, it can be enlightening, frightening, it takes us headlong into delving into the mysteries of it, it helps us to open our minds to try and seek answers to the questions that transform us into the higher vibrations of being, it 'switches us on'. It ask WHY?

The trouble is in these times we expect answers but nobody knows the answers, we have to start to feel comfortable with this UNKNOWN and really believe in ourselves, trust ourselves and take responsibility for our actions. If there is one good thing to come out of the last couple of years I would say it has to be that people are ready to make changes to their lives for the better, we have the bored, the bitter, the angry, the frustrated and the burnt out people who want something different, they want fulfilment & meaning. They are ready to feel comfortable about being uncomfortable whilst they make the transition.

And this is where I want to introduce Uranus to the mix of things - Uranus is the planet of innovation, upheaval, shock, disruption, future orientation, it is here to awaken us from our slumber and look at new ways of doing things, no mater how uncomfortable that maybe. This planet takes 7 years to pass through each astrological sign - Since 2019 (Hello to the disruptive Covid) until 2025 - it has been in the sign of Taurus where it will stay until 2025.

Taurus is also a self sign just like Aries, but is fixed Earth, meaning it is a very grounded, steadfast but also very sensual and wants all the creature comforts that life offers it works hard for the fruits of it's labour - we are looking at the the 'I have', it the self value sign, self made, self sufficient, it's the one ruled by Venus, which is in a its most basic form is love & money.

Together they highlight a need for shocking us into a new way of earning money, a new earth, self sufficiency, responsibility, valuing each other, loving each other, valuing the jobs that we do, valuing ourselves, realising our worth, planting the seeds of inspiration, our self worth (more on that later) so that we can live a life that is meaningful & fulfilling, one that is built around these new foundations.

Ready for the new paradigm, the new Earth?

There's no doubt about it that the world is going through a massive transformation & one in which is creating a new way of living our lives. The new paradigm is a new way of conducting business, a new way of community where everyone has their part to play in society, it is a world that is protected and one where we all live a sustainable & empowered life. One where we have abundance in all areas.

It's a time to free ourselves from all the limiting beliefs, false identities and disheartening situations that have kept us stuck for so long. It's a time for liberation and getting ourselves free from the things that aren't in alignment with our souls journey. If you are feeling, drained, anxious and tired this is an invitation to take an up close and personal look at your life to see what needs changing, what needs releasing.

As I touched on earlier there is now a need to embrace our self-worth it is only when we do that we are able to make a contribution to the world, to share our gifts with others and contribute to the sustainability of life that is true to us, one that is healthy, harmonious, inter-connected, mindful, one which has a high level of awareness, is community driven and responsible.

The more we are true to ourselves and that means coming from the heart, the more we embody, the more we attract in to our life what we need.

We need to figure out exactly who we are individually so we can raise the frequency of this planet. It all starts with the heart. Be kind to yourself, get to know yourself on a deeper level, realise that we all have a part to play in creating a more just world.

Its a time to follow your bliss and move towards what is truly meant for you - It's time to find your Dharma.

Dharma? What is Dharma?

Dharma in Sanskrit literally means 'Right Direction' but it's concept and meaning are so much more, It's your true calling, your true life purpose, it's what you were put here to do.

Living your dharma is BEING the thing that lights you up, BEING the thing that you are passionate about, BEING the thing you wish to share with others. This is the purpose of living your Dharma.

Last year I took it upon myself to learn to become a coach, I'd been toying with the idea for quite a while and had looked into many courses. I knew I wanted to be part of this new paradigm of business, one that was about being of service to others, one that was going to be part of this new way of being, this up level of consciousness in the planet. Luckily for me the perfect course landed in my inbox, It was from the Dharma coaching institute.

I was able to use the many tools that I learnt in the course, plus from my own self knowledge journey of using astrology and Human Design to apply to my own life and to realise what my own Dharma was, to help me to understand my purpose here in the new paradigm and now I want to share some of those tools with you

Tools to get you started

  1. Take the Dharma archetype quiz that was created by Sahara Rose at the Dharma coaching institute, this will give you an insight into the 9 archetypes of Dharma, we have them all but there will be the ones that are your top 3, this is where you can lean into for the now, it may change over the years but if your looking to make a transition from the mundane to living a life which is on purpose this quiz is great at helping you do just that. Please click HERE for the quiz.

2. The next tool I've used in finding my Dharma and empowering myself has been by using Human Design, this is your energetic blue print on how you can show up correctly using your type, authority, strategy, profile lines and centres to focus on what really matters, it is how from an energetic standpoint to show up in your most natural way of being without the hustle and grind - for example you can create a business that supports your energetic needs, you can use your authority to make decisions, you can learn how to decondition yourself from limiting beliefs, holding onto another's energy pattern, ancestral ties, that have kept you stuck & you can leverage your natural power according to your type.

I've gone into more detail on the 6 best self knowledge tools into what is Human Design and how you can use it as an experiment in your own life and in helping you serve your Dharma - You can grab your chart HERE.

Somebody's found their natural power :-)

3. The next useful tool for helping you navigate your Dharma is by looking at your North Node - This is your North star of your compass, it's the direction your soul is going for it's highest evolvement, it is represented by one of the zodiac signs, meaning those qualities are what you are here to embody.

Our South node is the gifts we have under our belt already, they are the gifts we have learnt in many life times and what are familiar to you in this life time but it's in our North Node in what we are to step into.

For example my North Node is in Scorpio - in this life time I am here to support others & accept support from others and having 3 signs in Taurus has been quite the learning curve for me! I'm the psychologist that is taking a deep dive into what makes us - us! I'm here to empower others and show you what true personal transformation and rebirth look like.

Your North node may feel somewhat challenging, intimidating or so far away from what you feel as you are yet to fully embody those qualities, I feel that the North Node really starts to unfold once you go through your Saturn return.

I created a Dharma activation guide EBook using the North Node which is FREE to access, it's a list of the North Nodes throughout the signs and so helps you to understand your overall direction using the North Node.

North Node in Scorpio

4. And this brings me to my last tool on finding your Dharma and that is by using the Dharma blueprint - this helps you to understand where to focus your energy at this time, it's focused on what you can take action on in the now, its the key to getting your momentum going.

This Blueprint gives you a tangible process in how you can move forward with clarity rather than going round in circles or not moving at all, you are able to see in an organised way who you are, what you've overcome and where you are heading.

The Dharma blueprint consists of finding out your Dharma archetype, The medium that flows through you, what excites you, the obstacles you are solving and your superpower, knowing this information gives you the courage and clarity to step into a role meant for your souls work.

Throughout your life you'll discover more and more about yourself, you'll learn various superpowers, overcome different obstacles, uncover different archetypes and change mediums that flow through you.

Your Dharma blueprint may change according to those things but in this moment in this time use it to start fulfilling your purpose, even seemingly random and various areas of your life actually relate and intersect into your Dharma.

You may even doubt you have a purpose because your interests keep shifting (That's me) but all that means is the blueprint is changing. We are still the souls creating it.

Your plan on fulfilling your purpose at this time

We are know doubt going through some profound changes on a global scale and that is what Uranus does it's not a personal planet but rather it's for the collective and it brings about change. So, will you be the one to get left behind in the old paradigm of thinking, which at the end of the day is going to serve no one... especially yourself... or are you opting for the new paradigm?

I wanted to share these tools with you as I believe it's in our best interests to know ourselves on a deeper level, to realise our own self - worth and really to get in touch with what we value. Going forwards what kind of world do we want to create for ourselves, what legacy do we want to leave for the generations after us, It's time to get creating and it all starts with us.

I’ve made it my mission, my dharma to teach & guide others who are ready to step out of the shadows and reveal their souls purpose, if you’re ready to disrupt your life for the better then please join me.

I offer a safe & supportive space for you to share with me what truly lights you up, what brings meaning to your life, we all have these gifts, they may have laid dormant for years BUT there is no time like the present to awaken from your slumber, you owe it to yourself and the world.

'You are part of the new paradigm of people who want a new way of life one that is in alignment with your values and needs, you are a shining beacon of light for others to follow so we can finally all live a much more meaningful and fulfilling life. One where we are all thriving'.

If you feel called to do so take a look at the services I offer, One of these include my Dharma by design activation session which takes a deeper dive into what has been discussed in this blog post. You can also take a look at my other blogs which are all about the steps I took for my own personal development or if you prefer I talk about them on my youTube channel. They will be of great use to anyone that feels they're at a crossroads in their life and that is ready to take action but not sure of the how.

Peace & much love always.


P.s I'd love to know your feedback, and anything you wanted to share about your own experience.

I'm contactable on social media platforms or email links are at the head of the page.

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