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Good vibrations - healing, frequency waves and plant magic.

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Isn't it wonderful that in the healthcare world we are now seeing a shift towards the use of complementary therapies and of course anything to do with the magic of plants has my vote. However, we must understand that with any therapy or medicine whether allopathic or alternative it is not enough just to pop a pill, plant or essential oil, we must not forget to treat ourselves holistically meaning encompassing the mind, body and spirit with a focus on empathy, personal care, prevention, health and well being. With the rise of modern day medicine and with all of it's great uses for acute emergencies, lets face it where would we be without a life saving operation? but in the long term for more chronic disease and mental health it can have some SERIOUS faults. The old paradigm that the body, mind and soul is separate is outdated and with the ever increasing modern day diseases like cancer, diabetes, mental health it is a quite dangerous mindset to have. A shift is happening though and you can see it with the numerous amounts of energy healers, herbalist, acupuncturists, aromatherapists, Crystal healers, Reiki healers, spiritual healers and all the other holistic therapists that are popping up everywhere and this is a great thing. The one pill cures all mentality is over. We are not a one type fits all, we all have different needs, different ways of dealings with things, different body chemistry, different genetics. What works for one may not work for another. But I do believe that there is something for everyone if your willing to be part of your own healing journey, if you are ready to take responsibility for your own health and well being, if you are willing to educate yourself, love yourself, take good care of your self. Focus on the preventative so years down the line you don't end up living your last years with a chronic disease. LOOK AFTER YOURSELF HOLISTICALLY. The power of plants on a vibrational level The following is excerpt from Gerbers' Vibrational medicine for the 21st century' "In the living body, each electron, atom, chemical bond, molecule, cell, tissue, organ has it's own vibratory character. Since living structure and function are orderly biological oscillations are organised in a meaningful ways, and they contribute information to a dynamic vibratory network that extends throughout the body and into space around it. Energy medicines seek to understand this continuous energetic matrix, to interact with and facilitate healing". This brings me onto the healing energy of plants, since records began humanity has always used plants - all cultures, civilisations, men and women far and wide have cultivated the use of our magical plants allies here on our great mother Earth. From the Egyptians who used herbs to embalm their dead to protect their souls in the afterlife to the Greeks and Romans who helped spread the knowledge of healing plants around Europe. With China and India having their own healing systems that date back thousands of years,TCM and Ayurveda, where plants are widely used in all medical and spiritual practices. We also have the Shamans that use plants for spiritual as well as medical practices and the American Indians, Maoris and Aborigines are well rehearsed in the magic of plant medicine that is not only limited to the cure of the ills but embraces the spiritual well being also. Thankfully western herbalism is making a come back but it still has a way to go before it is fully accepted into Western culture once again as we start to remember the healing properties of our plant allies. We must make sure that it is taught in a holistic way though as it is still all too easy to get focused on the symptoms and see what 'plants are good for what condition' and then overlook their holistic essence and therefore their whole energetic nature.

How can we discover the subtle healing energy of plants?

To measure the subtle energetic nature of plants is less tangible than the physical properties so therefore it is far more difficult to explain.There are certain processes you can use to get a deeper understanding of the plantMy story involved going on a shamanic journey into the plant which was hosted by Pip Waller a couple of years ago. This involved spending time with the plant which happened to be Oregan grape - Berberis aquafolium. I did not know what this plant was at the time or anything of it's origins. We had to sit with the plant for some time, feel it's energy, combine it with ours, I drew the plant and meditated beside it and then when it came to our shamanic meditation journey (bear in mind I had never experienced anything like this) a Native American in full headdress was what I see in my minds eye. At the time I didn't share it with the group as I thought it was a bit far fetched, just a figment of my imagination, later that day I got home and started reading about this plant and how it is used by the Native Americans as an important food source and medicinally it is is a powerful anti-bacterial as well as decongestant. I purchased some straight away and have used it on many occasions it really does clear up any sickness/ stomach ache straight away. By studying the plants this way, you become sensitive to them, the shape, texture, colour, habitat and smell can tell you something about the plants healing energies. It is the same with essential oils. Certain smells, characteristics evoke a sense in you. One that can be remembered from times past, one that was/is part of our nature. One that your body intuitively knows that it needs, one that works in synergy with your body, mind and spirit.

How do substances and emotions affect our personal frequency

As the generations have passed we seem to have lost our connection to nature, we can be so disconnected to our natural world and all it's magic that it has created this mindset that we are separate from everything and everyone, where it couldn't be farther from the truth. Just like the complex fungi systems that run underneath our Earth that connects all of our plants and trees, so we as humans are part of this interconnectedness with nature and each other. When we forget this our energetic frequency falls and that's when dis-ease sets in. Now i'm not saying go and live in a hut in the middle of a forest in the middle of nowhere, but modern day living has an effect on our own personal frequency. Living in the digital world like we do we are constantly surrounded with electromagnetic fields that can play havoc with our own energetic field. Electrical devices in our homes from lamps, to television, radio, phone, this laptop i'm writing this blog on all emit vibrational frequencies that are chaotic to our own. It's not just electrical devices though it's other people and your own thoughts and beliefs too, If you surround yourself with negativity all the time, people who don't cherish you, If you don't cherish yourself, look after yourself,feel good about yourself, if you think your not worthy, if you eat processed foods all the time this is going to F*ck your vibrations up in the long run.

How to increase your frequency This is the fun bit. Naturally occurring substances resonate harmoniously with our own energetic frequency's. This is by no means a comprehensive list and feel free to add on your own. This is a list of my own personal high vibrational things to do.Meditate - this is the greatest thing for me. I use my essential oils pop them into my petal diffuser and place a drop on my wrist. This sets the mood, the ambiance and of course the high vibes! download the insight app (it's free) and it has an abundance of meditations to choose from. There are also a number of meditations that include high frequency healing, they are known as binaural beats they act on specific systems within the brain according the frequency pattern used. YouTube has a myriad of these. I have found when I'm 'on one' about repetitive thoughts these help hugely, I put my ear buds in and fall asleep to them at night. Natural food and eating with awareness- Making a delicious beautiful meals for yourself works best when it's done with real food. This is a biggie for me, now I ain't no saint 100% of the time and that's fine. 80/20 rule works here and that is for EVERYTHING not just food. Any kind of indulgence I say is good for the soul as a nice treat for yourself. However, I stay well clear from processed food and especially processed meats pretty much all the time. That isn't to say that I don't enjoy a slow roast lamb. But rather than cheap meats I go for organic where possible or at the very least free range. This is high vibe food - unprocessed, unpackaged,organically raised meat, fruits, grains,vegetables, nut and seeds. I thoroughly recommend a book by Sahara Rose Eat, Feel, Fresh - A contemporary plant- based Ayurvedic cook book for some wonderful recipes. Sleep well - This is imperative, its not quantity, it's quality what you need here, you can go check out my other blog on how to get a good nights sleep. High vibration style.Get out in nature - sit, walk, run, bike, skip, hop, jump, swim whatever you have to do to get outside, go sit by a tree, next to a plant, place your bare feet on Terra - firma these are things to raise your vibrations Check out your emotions - here is a handy little chart from Dr Hawkins the consciousness researcher he used this to predict the kind of outcomes and the people you attract throughout the course of your life. As you can see if your vibrating high you are going to attract the good things in life.

Essential oils - Now as a doTERRA advocate I can't leave this page without mentioning the oils can I now :-). Instead of going on about them though here is a chart to give you the frequency of each oil. REMEMBER not all oils are created equally.

doTERRA are 100% high grade therapeutic oils. You know what your getting with these oils and that is something that is high vibes

I hope you have enjoyed my blog and have found it informative and useful, please feel free to leave comments, messages,love, flowers, gifts anything you like :-) All my love Karen Thank you to for the vibrational frequency chart and her work she done sourcing the information from Daniel Macdonalds book Emotions and Essential oils.

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