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What to do when you feel underwhelmed and have run out of ideas of what to post on social media

You see it all the time don't you? your fellow social media players that you follow who just seem to crank out posts all the time, they never seem to tire from posting daily, never seem to run out of ideas and are always full of creativity and inspiration. I hold my hats off to them because for me after being on social media the last couple of years, I am totally exhausted and have actually started to suffer from a massive amount of underwhelm. Now don't get me wrong I'm sure many of these have their own content creators, copywriters, templates and the likes to help them out but what do the rest of us do if we don't have a team behind us?

In today's social media world we need consistency to make an impact and build up a following. when it comes to posting, some post something every day and others for a 3-4 days a week. Whatever one you choose to do, it has to be consistent - sigh lol!

I am joined to many entrepreneur/mindset/business groups on facebook and asked the question 'What do you do when you are stuck for ideas for content creation'? - There were a few varied responses that I would like to share with you if you find yourself in this position.

Plan ahead - set a schedule for what you want to talk about each month and blitz the posts in one go, there are various social media calendars and apps out there where you can schedule your posts so it's a few days of slogging out some posts and then you can set up various times for them to be released each month.

Re-purposing content, you can change the picture and of course the wording, but you will have the main idea. If you have made a lot of posts over the years this is a brilliant way to refresh them and your news feed. you'll be able to see what posts made an impact and expand on that. Do you have blogs on your website, you can take inspiration from those and put them into bit size posts on your social media with a link of course to your website.

Get inspiration from others who are in your same niche - now this doesn't mean copy and steal their content, but have a look at what they are posting, how does it inspire you, how can you add to it, are there any gaps that you can fill with your own unique viewpoint.

Change format

Vlogs/Reels/lives - Another way to create social media posts is videos, I have done exactly this and started a you tube channel - you can see me in action here . It doesn't have to be YouTube, you can use of IG reels, tik tok and of course Facebook. Again this another way to re purpose your content and drive the traffic to your website. I have found with video that you also get much more engagement with your audience, especially doing lives as they can ask questions right away, you get to engage with them right away, nothing preplanned here, it gives you a chance to really shine and as it is much more personal they get to see your brilliant self in the flesh.

Tell a story - Everyone loves a story, we all have plenty of them and lets face it we can talk about ourselves for ages, but the ones we want to tell are the ones that can relate to our audience, we want to inspire others to take the call to action. It is quite the art form but is a great way to capture your audience as it paints a picture of who you are and what you have been through, there is always someone that can relate and wants to know how to move on/through/up. I highly recommend Ty Bennets The power of story telling if you want to dive deeper.

Give tips and tools - Got valuable advice to share then please do, we all need help in some shape or form. People want to know you have value so If you have had success with something then it has to be shared, people will thank you for it - remember caring is sharing.

Share resources - look for valuable and relevant pieces of information that you know will be useful for your people. You can get inspiration from pinterest, YouTube, other IG accounts, Facebook, podcasts and internet searches. This will also give you something to work from, a base that you can expand/

Freelancers - If you have the funds why not invest in someone that can do your copy for you, Fiverr affiliates is one and also cult of copy job board on Facebook have many aspiring copywriters who make a living from just this, there will always be someone in your niche.

Get out of your head and into your heart - to do this take yourself away from technology and get outside into nature, just going for a walk clears your head space. You listen to some soothing music or some binaural beats to get you in the zone. Sitting with yourself using mindfulness and meditation to keep you in the moment can bring you some much needed inspiration.

Take a break

If your constantly trying to think of what to share and copy to create this can stop the creative process and your mind becomes stuck. Distance yourself and do one of the above to bring you back into alignment.

Make it fun - if its not fun, exciting and engaging for you then this is going to show in your pots, no one wants to see see poorly written posts, your attitude to writing out content will determine how you come across, if your not feeling it for whatever reason , take a break and come back to it later.

I see a lot of effort that goes into content creation and it really is a job in itself, if you are just starting out in business there is enough to think about let alone creating social media posts that are exciting and engaging. It really is time consuming, so we really have to make sure we are in a state of flow and with our creative thinking caps on.

I hope the tips above help you.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have.

Karen Marie @ wildlingways

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