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'Botanical Beauty' - Luxurious Hydrating Body Cream

'Botanical Beauty' - Luxurious Hydrating Body Cream

'Luxurious and Hydrating'.  A body cream that is ideal for all the family, with completely natural ingredients, ideal for all skin types especially those that have dry, inflamed skin, it keeps your skin silky smooth and healthy looking without being greasy as the cream is easily absorbed and with no with no nasty chemicals added this makes this a super healthy healing cream that smells gorgeous. This can also be used as a deep treatment for hair.
The heavenly healing ingredients include

Coconut Oil - An oil that is rich in fatty acids which are super healthy and possess anti-microbial benefits. It is very moisturising, hydrating, soothing. The lauric acid content is rich in anti-oxidants therefore making it very healing for inflammatory conditions. This really is such a nourishing oil. Ever tried it in your coffee?, delicious!

Aloe Vera Juice - Hydrating and nutritious with a rich source of anti-oxidants and vitamins that will protect the skin. This stuff is so soothing, again a winner for inflamed conditions.

Sun Infused Calendula Oil - Another powerful anti -inflammatory as well as anti-fungal and a great lymphatic. The beautiful, bright yellow oil is again great for inflamed skin conditions.

Shea Butter - Silky smooth and deeply nourishing. Rich in vitamins A, E and F. This butter will reduce skin inflammation, moisturise and keep your skin smooth and supple

Olive Wax - Anti-oxidant, fatty acids and vegan friendly.

Cedar wood - Promotes clear and healthy skin. Increases vitality and has clarifying properties. Also a great anti-inflammatory.

Pink Pepper - Calming to the nervous system, calming to the skin.

Geranium - An anti-inflammatory that cools down the skin and also promotes regeneration of new skin.


    Coconut OIl,

    Aloe Vera Juice,

    Shea Butter,

    Sun Infused Calendula Oil,

    Olive Wax,

    doTERRA Essential oils of,

    Pink Pepper,



    100% Nourishment & Nurturing for Mind, Body and Soul

    100% Vegan

    100% Ethically sourced

    100% Natural no sulphites, parabens, toxic chemicals

    100% Made with you in mind


    FREE Postage and packaging to the UK only.

    If Jars are returned I will give you 10% off your next order

    International Price varies depending on where being posted in the world


    This cream is great for hands, face and body.  Really take the time to massage into your skin. It's really lovely to use straight from the bath or shower. 

    This healing cream is really soothing so is suitable for dry and inflamed skin conditions think Excema and sunburn.

    As a hair mask simply apply to hair and leave to nourish the hair for at least 10 minutes. Wash out with shampoo. 

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