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'Hot & Bothered' Facial Mist

'Hot & Bothered' Facial Mist

Feeling hot & bothered? Whether it's from those hot flashes, hot weather or hot boyfriend, it's not so nice when we are feeling really hot to the rescue comes this facial mist which is super cooling and hydrating and gives a nice dewy glow, not a sweaty one!

The Spritz is useful for feelings that include tension, pressure, mental fatigue and when you need some extra TLC. It also has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-infectious and anti-viral qualities.

The ingredients have the following attributes and are wonderfully suited to relieving conditions of a hot nature.

Rose Water - The smell is sweet, floral and is also an instant mood enhancer by making you feel so relaxed! It is great at toning down redness and is great at balancing and hydrating the skin.

Witch Hazel - Astringent, soothing, cooling and toning.

Grapefruit Essential Oil -Is cooling, astringent, cleansing and decongesting. It has an uplifting, reviving and clarifying effect. It promotes lightness.

Peppermint Essential Oil - Fresh, Cool & stimulating. It stimulates and awakens and acts as a tonic for the nerves and brain.

Cheer Essential Oil - This oil is complete joy, it puts an instant smile on your face and joy in your heart. It lifts the spirits and feels you with positivity. Nothing is going to get you down!

Quartz crystal - Is the healing stone of power and amplifies any energy and intention, it protects against negativity and has the ability to promote spiritual growth. With the added benefit of being cleansed by the healing energy of Reiki.



    Rose Water

    Witch Hazel

    doTERRA Essential oils of




    100% Nourishment & Nurturing for Mind, Body and Soul

    100% Vegan

    100% Ethically sourced

    100% Natural no sulphites, parabens, toxic chemicals

    100% Made with you in mind


    FREE Postage and packaging to the UK only.

    If bottles are returned I will give you 10% off your next order. 

    International Price varies depending on where being posted in the world


    This is primarily a facial mist, but the oils that are combined also make this handy little bottle when you need a quick room cleanser or for when you need a little bit of an uplift. This mist really does bring a smile to your face.

    As a Facial Spray -Use after cleansing or spritz onto face when your'e feeling hot and bothered, for when you want to feel refreshed and uplifted and for when you would like a dewy glow. 

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